BioWare Gives Gamers A Dragon Age Bonus
Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition


In the spirit of the holiday season, BioWare has prepared a gift for gamers who have, or are interested in playing, the Dragon Age games. Available now on the company’s social website, BioWare has bundled together a bounty of promotional DLC items from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. Consisting of over 40 pieces of equipment, the pack spans not only the pre-order bonuses for each game, but also limited edition tidbits handed out in extremely small quantities like the Fan Reward Pack that was originally given only to attendees of the San Diego Comic Con back in 2011.


While this pack contains no gameplay content to speak of, it’s still a magnanimous gesture on the part of BioWare. It’s a nice nod to the fans who’ve stood by them, but may have missed out on some of these bonuses back when they were first made available. Redeeming them is a simple matter of visiting a specific page on the BioWare website and logging into one’s Origin account. Even if you don’t yet own either of the Dragon Age games, the pack will be attached to your account for use should you purchase one (or both) in the future.

Source: BioWare

by Shelby Reiches
12/07/2012 04:00PM


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