BioShock Infinite Gets Fans’ Choice Reversible Cover
BioShock: Infinite


Ken Levine was blatant about the intent of BioShock Infinite’s cover art; it’s for the “frat boys” who buy games based on guns, explosions and sex appeal. It’s for the hoi polloi, entranced by the same old tricks time and again, and he’s hoping to trick them once more into playing his more engaging, character-centric shooter. But the chin-down-eyes-up cover feels less like a clever marketing gimmick and more like a betrayal of those to whom BioShock Infinite innately appeals.


His solution for that? A reversible cover, with more appropriate art on the inside. Most importantly, he’s leaving the choice of what, specifically, that inverse art will look like up to the prospective player-base. A poll up on the Irrational site offers six potential covers. Three of them are done in a style consistent with the original box art while the others use extremely distinctive styles, almost in the way of old-timey propaganda fliers. I’ve included my three personal favorites, in descending order, above, but feel free to make your own decision on what you’d like in your case.

Source: Irrational Games

by Shelby Reiches
12/12/2012 03:35PM


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