The War Z Launches On Steam To Accusations Of False Advertising
The War Z


The War Z has had pretty sketchy past. Ever since it started development, there have been claims that it is just a DayZ knockoff. Regardless, the game launched recently and has very quickly become Steam’s top selling game. However, you wouldn’t believe me if you if you got your news from the Steam forums, which are currently buzzing with complains from users who have purchased the game.

The complaints are varied and numerous, but most accuse the game of false advertisement. For one, the screenshots of the title on the game’s Steam page aren’t actually screenshots of in-game gameplay. They’re staged, and this was actually confirmed by the developers themselves. The screenshots show massive hordes of zombies and people put into difficult survival situations. However, this does not accurately represent the gameplay. Apparently, zombies pose no threat at all and the game has devolved into little more than a huge 50-player deathmatch.


Of course, 50-player matches sound kind of cool, but they are less cool when you consider the Steam page advertises 100-player games, which currently cannot be done. Private servers don’t exist, even though they are advertised; a skill and experience point system doesn’t exist, even though it’s advertised; and the game’s only map is much smaller than advertised. Essentially, the game is in beta, but the developer did not mention this anywhere on the Steam page. Not only that, but the game costs $14, and then also utilizes free-to-play style micro transactions. Plus, but the developer, Hammerpoint, actually dropped the price of the game on their own website after the Steam price was set, and claimed that Steam raised the price of the game in order to get people to purchase it directly.

The whole situation just feels a little sketchy and a lot of users feel cheated. Be wary of this game consumer, because you may not be getting what you expect.

Source: Destructoid

by Angelo D'Argenio
12/18/2012 12:25PM


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