Visceral Games Talks Dead Space 3 Co-Op, Play Value
Dead Space 3


News 10 of Sacramento California recently had a chance to talk with Chuck Beaver, Dead Space 3's Story Producer. With DS3’s release just two months away, details have been a bit scarce, but now we're getting a glimpse at some new information behind the game’s co-op campaign and just how big the latest journey of Isaac Clarke is.

Beaver went on to explain that the solo campaign still gives a classic, Dead Space experience, but now you have the option to team up with another player and assume the role of John Carver. Beaver felt that people missed out on the first two games in the franchise because they were too scary to play alone. An added player can help alleviate these fears, provided they don't have the bravery of Chuckie Finster. 


"We though co-op for Dead Space would help broaden safely the audience for Dead Space because it's really an incredibly scary game for a lot of people," Beaver stated.  "...A lot of people were like 'if only I was, like, felt safer, if I had somebody with me while playing it, I would enjoy the experience'; and we though that would be a great way to expand into co-op."

Specific details regarding the story are still being kept secret. News 10 also learned that Dead Space 3 will start out in a "surprising place" and there's a huge amount of lore being explained. "Everything about the story is new."

Co-op, combined with the story and new weapon-crafting system, has resulted in an experience that was described as "noticeably bigger." We'll judge just how much bigger Dead Space 3 really is when it's released on February 5th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

by Jake Valentine
12/18/2012 05:55PM


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