Borderlands 2 DLC Details Revealed
Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2 still has two more DLC packs on the horizon and Gearbox Software was kind enough to release a few new details to IGN today.

The main issue that people are concerned about is the level cap. When is it going to be raised? That's expected to happen sometime in the first quarter of next year, though we don’t know whether or not it'll happen through a patch or new content. We also don’t know just how high the level cap go; Borderlands ended with a level cap of 69 after being raised once to 60.


For those of you hoping for continued support after the first "season" of DLC is over, Gearbox has your back. There's been talk about establishing a second "season" of DLC in 2013 after the fourth content pack is released. It seems that the developers are committed to supporting Borderlands 2 for as long as people are willing to both play it and pay for new content. I wouldn't be shocked if we eventually saw a third release in the franchise, but I'd be surprised if it happens anytime soon.

Borderlands 2 is currently out performing its predecessor in almost every way imaginable. Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games have no desire to stop that momentum anytime soon. 

by Jake Valentine
12/20/2012 02:50PM


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