Microsoft To Make Region Switching On Xbox Easier


Did you move from America to Germany? If so, you may be stuck with a region-locked Xbox 360 Well, Microsoft wants to make sure you're stuck no more. first reported that Microsoft is currently rolling out the testing phase for a service that will allow Xbox 360 owners to switch regions when they move. The current process takes about six weeks, so there's an obvious need for streamlining.


When you switch regions on your console, your gamerscore, achievements, and entire Xbox Live profile will switch as well. You can also expect time remaining on your Xbox Live Gold subscription and Microsoft points to transfer without hassle. And since Microsoft uses their own currency for transactions, there's no need to worry about exchange rates. Xbox Music subscriptions, on the other hand, cannot be transferred over. 

Changing this form a six-week process to a transfer that takes just a few clicks is a smart move on Microsoft’s part. Hopefully this won't stay in testing for long. 

by Jake Valentine
01/03/2013 04:10PM


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