3DS Gets First Download-Exclusive Retail Title
Unchained Blades


It was no secret that Unchained Blades, released for the PSP last year, was slated to hit the 3DS by way of its eShop. But no one expected it to take this long. Originally slated for release in the Summer of 2012, Unchained Blades was delayed past the end of the year, finally hitting the 3DS eShop January 3, 2012.


A hardcore dungeon-crawler, Unchained Blades had individuals from the Lunar and Grandia projects on its team. Its strong pedigree and tale of revenge made it an interesting prospect, even thought it was overlooked for its staunchly traditional gameplay.

What’s most exciting about its release is what the game represents, rather than how it plays. This is the first download-exclusive retail title for the 3DS, costing a princely $29.99. The downloadable space has traditionally been the weakest link in Nintendo’s strategy, but with this step, perhaps they’re moving into a new era. Time will tell.

Source: Nintendo Life

by Shelby Reiches
01/04/2013 04:25PM


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