The Standalone Edition DayZ Is Still Coming... Eventually


DayZ's standalone release was supposed to come out sometime in 2012. But it's now 2013, and it hasn't been released just yet. So what's the hold up?

The development team took to their blog today in order to give fans an update on the status of their wildly popular mod. To put it bluntly, the game has yet to be released because it doesn't meet their standards. They’re hoping to redevelop DayZ’s engine and make the game they’ve been dreaming about, which would forgo the process of simply updating what was already on the market through the ARMA II mod. 

But this doesn't mean release is far off.

"The plan from here is straightforward. We will be releasing a closed test imminently, during which approximately 500-1000 people will assist in ensuring our architecture is correctly functioning."


There have been a lot of positive changes to the game. Players can now scavenge for individual parts. There’s a more intuitive inventory system. The new client includes 3D models instead of 2D pictures, and there have been several UI changes.

It's nice to see the DayZ developers taking their time to ensure they release the best game possible. They definitely have a different mentality than developers who think it’s acceptable to rush projects out the door in order to hit sales quotes.

We'll get to play the standalone release sometime this year, so the wait is almost over. 

by Jake Valentine
01/07/2013 02:50PM


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