RUMOR: Bethesda Working On Redguard-Centric Content
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The latest trademark-based rumor is in: Bethesda has a two-year-old trademark on “Redguard” focused on “downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices.” This trademark has been extended multiple times, and, even though there was a game back in the late nineties called The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, it seems unlikely that this is seeing any sort of rerelease or sequel. It simply wasn’t very popular (or well made).


It would fit in perfectly, however, as a new DLC expansion for Skyrim, which would certainly fall under the trademark’s description. The land of Hammerfell, where the Redguard hail from, borders Skyrim and shares a divided city (not currently in the game). So, there’s definitely a possibility that Bethesda is planning to expand the game’s landmass once more.

As Tamriel’s premier warrior race, the Redguard and their homeland would certainly make for a good fit, and a different flavor, for Bethesda’s massive RPG.

Source: OXM UK

by Shelby Reiches
01/07/2013 03:10PM


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