Skullgirls: SDE Xbox 360 Patch Delayed Due to Size


In late November, Skullgirls received a whopping 500 MB patch which upgraded the game to Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition. This update included a massively overhauled training mode, balance fixes, move-lists, new character abilities, new costumes, and more. Unfortunately, Skullgirls: SDE only came out for PS3 users. Xbox users have been left waiting over the holiday period.


All of this is due to the Skullgirls patch size; it’s just too big. The Xbox version of the patch comes in at 590MB and includes several tweaks to help load times on the Xbox platform. Unfortunately, Microsoft limits free XBLA updates to a paltry 4MB. This makes the Skullgirls patch about 147.5 times too big. Apparently, it’s possible for Microsoft to granted an exception, but this is a very time consuming process and Skullgirls players have been waiting for this patch since last July.

Many of you may remember how Left 4 Dead 2’s DLC cost a small amount on the Xbox 360, but was totally free on the PC. When you consider that the DLC was larger than 4MB, the reason starts to become clear. Unfortunately, offering a paid option to download Skullgirls: SDE would just fracture the community even more than it already is.

Source: XBLA Fans

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/10/2013 12:10PM


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