Telltale Offers Codes For Those With The Walking Dead Issues
The Walking Dead


Did you pick up a retail copy of The Walking Dead? Is your version having technical issues? If you've answered yes, then you're not alone. But Telltale Games has your back.

They're recently announced the cause for these issues: 

"Xbox 360 4GB models not fitted with an internal hard disk drive, playing the disc-based (retail) version of the game."

Supposedly, the issue of severe gameplay hiccups doesn't affect Xbox 360 units with an internal hard disk drive. Personally, I've played the game via a retail disk on my Xbox 360 Elite. While saves weren't erased, I did encounter occasional bugs.


Telltale is offering two fixes for the problem. First, they're telling gamers to purchase and install a compatible hard disk drive for their Xbox 360 4GB console. If customers can't, Telltale is giving out codes to download season one of The Walking Dead.

Solid customer service, Telltale. Truly solid. 

by Jake Valentine
01/10/2013 04:10PM


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