Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Revealed
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Remember those good old sprite-based final fantasy games? Square does! That’s why they’re creating Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. It’s an upcoming release for iOS. All The Bravest is a combat centric RPG that is played through the classic, Final Fantasy active time battle system. Battles transpire in the classical Final Fantasy style, with sprites facing off against enemies made of still images. Every three hours your party will be able to go into a “Fever” mode which lets them attack without waiting for the ATB system. Winning battles earns you more XP, which unlocks more character slots and these allow you to add more people to your party.


In fact, party management seems to be a huge part of All The Bravest. Screenshots show parties as large as eight characters, which seem to be made up of generic Final Fantasy character types like black mages, white mages, etc. However, you will be able to purchase premium content from the game’s store, which includes several iconic Final Fantasy characters, and several stages based on previous Final Fantasy installments. In fact, some of these characters and stages are from post sprite Final Fantasy games so it’s nice to see them get a workout in a 2D land.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, has been released on the New Zealand App Store for $4.19. An official U.S release date and price has not yet been given.

Source: G4TV

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/17/2013 12:00PM


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