No Season Pass Or Demo For Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider


Two of the biggest advantages of the digital distribution age are easy access to demos and the ability to support a game with DLC. However, Crystal Dynamics isn’t taking advantage of all this digital age has to offer. According to Karl Stewart, global brand director at Crystal Dynamics, the publisher won’t be making a demo of Tomb Raider at all. Stewart said, via Twitter, that releasing a demo would inevitably spoil Tomb Raider’s story, which is best experienced in one solid play through. While he does have a point, one could argue that the multiple demos we have seen at gaming conventions, along with the many story trailers that Crystal Dynamics has released, have already done plenty of spoiling already.

In addition, while the game will be supported by DLC, there will be no option for dedicated gamers to buy a season pass. You will, unfortunately, have to purchase every single piece of DLC individually.

On the upside, though, Stewart also said that the game’s multiplayer won’t require an online pass. This method of DRM, which locks out anyone who purchased a used game from multiplayer until they purchase an additional pass key, has been frowned upon by gamers everywhere, and it comes as a relief to know that Crystal Dynamics will not be utilizing it.

Source: IGN

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/18/2013 10:35AM


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