Dead Space 3 Includes Micro-transactions
Dead Space 3


Looking forward to crafting some weapons in Dead Space 3? I hope you're also looking forward to spending some micro-transaction money as well.

Today Eurogamer confirmed that there will be a collection of premium weaponry for those who choose to shell out a couple of bucks. While speaking with the website, Dead Space 3 associate producer Yara Khoury said "You can buy resources with real money, but scavenger bots can also give you the currency that you can use on the marketplace. So you don't have to spend [real world] dollars."


That's all fine and dandy, but some people are undoubtedly going to be worried about the addition of micro-transactions. Granted, you can't buy your way to the best weapons immediately. There are blocks in place so that you can’t get a game winning blaster within the first five minutes. 

Micro-transactions in gaming are far from new. But this is one of the first instances we've seen it pop up in single-player. We'll find out how it'll affect the public's reception of the game soon enough.

by Jake Valentine
01/22/2013 03:15PM


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