Dante’s White Hair Coming to America
DmC Devil May Cry


A while back, Capcom revealed that DmC would have a variety of DLC costumes to purchase after the game’s release. The first of these costumes was Dante’s classic look, which dressed him in a familiar red trench coat and replaced his new hairstyle with his iconic white hair. Essentially, the costume is s remake of Dante’s Devil May Cry 3 outfit, updated for DmC’s new look. 


The Costume was originally slated to come out in Japan, perhaps to ease the Japanese fanbase into the idea of Devil May Cry being turned over to a non-Japanese developer. However, it looks like we will get a chance to dress Dante in his classic duds over here in America as well. DmC will now, officially, get its first DLC costume pack on January 29th here in the states. The pack will retail for three dollars and will include three costumes, one of which being Dante’s classic Devil May Cry 3 look. The other costumes include a blue trench coat, reminiscent of Vergil’s getup, an odd bandage-wrapped outfit, and a red and blue getup? It kind of looks like something Captain America would wear if he were transported to the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Source: Joystiq

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/23/2013 12:20PM


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