Monolith Soft Developing New RPG For The Wii U?


Monolith Soft, the team behind the Xeno-series, is at it again with a recently announced Wii U RPG. A few details about the game were revealed in a recent trailer. The game seems very reminiscent of Xenoblade. The combat appears to progress in real time, with a bunch of options displayed at the bottom of the screen in order to alter your character’s attack patterns. Once again the game seems to revolve around three character parties, with multiple characters’ stats shown on the screen at once.


The game’s feel seems to take its inspiration from prior games in the Xeno series. For example, you can ride inside of giant, fighting robots again. However, these robots can also transform into motorcycles and other vehicles. The gameplay actually seems to be far more technology based than any other entry in the Xeno series. Most of the characters wield guns and throw grenades. However, there was more than one instance of a character running around with a gigantic broad sword on his back, and a few shots of what looked like, essentially, magic.

The game hasn’t been titled yet. However, at the end of the trailer we got to see a giant red X, a standard icon of the Xeno-series, so it is likely that this is another installment in that franchise.

Source: IGN

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/23/2013 12:25PM


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