Origin Is Coming To Macs


Origin is arguably the second biggest digital distribution platform on the PC, so it’s obvious that the service would eventually follow Steam’s footsteps and find its way to Macs. The Mac Origin client is currently in its alpha stage, but it’s an open alpha so you can actually test it out. Just head over to the official Origin website to sign-up.

The features on EA’s new Mac client a very similar to the PC version. You’ll have a friends list, auto patching, cloud storage, a built in shop, and pretty much every other feature that you’d expect. Users who decide to test the alpha version will get a free copy of Popcap’s Bookworm. After all, it’s hard to test a digital distribution platform without a game to digitally distribute. 


Origin had a rocky reception on the PC thanks to its strict DRM, and many think that it has an overly invasive install process. Currently, we have no info on whether or not Origin will operate in a similar way on the Mac platform, but we will bring you more information about the upcoming Mac release of Origin as it becomes available.

Source: Origin

by Angelo D'Argenio
01/25/2013 11:50AM


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