No Tomb Raider For Wii U
Tomb Raider


Is the only console you own a Nintendo console? Were you hoping to play some Tomb Raider when it hits the shelf? If so, I've got some bad news.

True Gaming, an Arabic gaming website, recently spoke with creative director Noah Hughes and the topic of the Wii U came up. While Hughes is a fan of Nintendo's consoles, there's a reason why Tomb Raider won't be appearing on the Wii U.


Developer Crystal Dynamics wants to make sure that each version of the game is the same while still playing to the strengths of each console. Naturally, for the Wii U, that would mean utilizing the GamePad. Sufficed to say, they couldn't simply port the game over, they'd need to tailor the experience from the ground up.

With a game that's approaching release, there's simply no time for that. So Wii U owners are out of luck. 

by Jake Valentine
01/28/2013 03:20PM


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