Battlefield 4 In 2014?
Battlefield 3


EA hasn’t exactly confirmed Battlefield 4 just yet, but IGN is reporting that the dev will release a new Battlefield title next year. 

In a slightly divisive statement, EA’s president Frank Gibeau said “we're not announcing an annualization of Battlefield at this time.”

Originally, Battlefield and Medal of Honor were supposed to have yearly releases with Medal of Honor in the even years and Battlefield in the odd. But that all changed when EA put the Medal of Honor series on hold this week.


Again, this doesn't mean Battlefield 4 is coming this year, but it could mean, that EA is planning to refocus on few of their Battlefield spin-offs. Maybe we'll get a new Bad Company title?

Whatever happens, we're now one step closer to yearly editions of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Let the fanboy debating begin. 

by Jake Valentine
01/31/2013 08:55PM


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