Resident Evil 6 Falls Short Of Sales Goal
Resident Evil 6


Capcom was hoping that Resident Evil 6 would sell seven million copies. However, they were only able to move about  five million copies.

Scratch that. 4.8 million copies.


It seems that sales momentum quickly ran out. I'd imagine that when word of mouth got around that the game was a major disappointment, people stopped buying the title. Plus, don't forget that RE6 received a price cut shortly after its release. I remember being a bit surprised to see it on shelves for $39.99. Okay, I wasn't that surprised after having played the game, but still. This is one of the premiere franchises in gaming.

Capcom is hoping that they’ll make it to 5 million copies by the end of March. 

by Jake Valentine
02/05/2013 04:00PM


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