Another Hitman Movie Is In The Works
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Remember the first Hitman movie? No? That’s not surprising, because no one watched it.

Luckily Fox International Productions is going to give the franchise a second chance by rebooting the whole thing. A new Hitman movie is under production, starring Paul Walker as Agent 47. Aleksander Bach is pegged to direct. Bach has directed several successful commercials in the past, but is new to feature films. 


The movie is currently titled Agent 47. The script will be written by Skip Woods and Michael Finch, the team behind A Good Day to Die Hard. Woods was also involved in the production of the last Hitman film, so at least he has some experience with the franchise. The Reboot is scheduled to begin filming in Signapore and Berlin this summer.

The reception of 2007’s Hitman movie was poor, though, the movie did make over 100 million dollars worldwide. It’s good to know there is money in this franchise, but let’s hope that Bach does it right. The last thing we need is more latex-wearing nuns.

Source: Deadline, G4

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/07/2013 12:35PM


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