Microsoft Opens New L.A. Studio


A brand new Microsoft Studio is opening up in L.A. very soon. The studio, called Xbox Entertainment Studios, was recently revealed by Microsoft’s entertainment and digital media president, Nancy Tellem. Tellem stated that the studios purpose will be to create new types of interactive media. This includes things like live events, interactive TV, and other interactive content. Imagine games like Kinect Sesame Street TV or Kinect National Geographic.


Tellem believes that interactive TV is the future of TV, and that Microsoft will be at the forefront. When speaking at the D: Dive into Media summit, Tellem said “We believe that we are at the start of the next wave of truly interactive entertainment. When I worked in traditional TV, we would find ourselves saying things like 'Wouldn't it be cool if we could add an interactive aspect directly into the show and engage directly with the viewers?' With Xbox, that is possible today.”

Source: GameInformer

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/12/2013 03:10PM


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