No WiiMote Compatibility In Wii U RE: Revelations
Resident Evil 4 HD


In what seems like a gross oversight, the Wii U edition of Resident Evil: Revelations will not support the Wii Remote. In a post on the Capcom Unity forums, Capcom USA Marketing representative “Mikeeb” indicated that the Wii U version would only have Gamepad support. Though, the team is working on Classic Controller compatibility for those who want something less unwieldy.

For the players who recall Resident Evil 4’s Wii edition and its stupendous aiming controls, though, the lack of them in Revelations is a puzzling omission. The specific phrasing does leave a bit of wiggle room, however. Mikeeb wrote that the game is “not setup to track motions from the wii-remote at this time,” (emphasis added), but that certainly isn’t a promise.


To be entirely fair, Revelations may have Resident Evil 4’s basic control scheme, but it’s a far more deliberate game, with situations that are made more frightening by less precise controls. The one downside to the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 was that it made combat almost laughably easy, so maybe the omission is for the best. Still, it would be nice to have the option.

Source: Capcom Unity

by Shelby Reiches
02/13/2013 05:35PM


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