Bungie Begins Destiny ARG
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Bungie’s Alternate Reality Gaming tradition stretches back to Halo 2. Remember when “ilovebees” was on the lips of Halo-loving gamers everywhere? Though the storytelling/advertising method predates both Bungie and its Halo series, it has become something of a calling card for the developers, indicating their readiness to start promoting their game in earnest.

The ARG for Destiny, Bungie’s mostly undetailed project, launched at the beginning of the week. While it seems to consist mostly of abstract images thus far, the name of the site, “Alpha Lupi,” seems to tie it to the Lupus constellation. One thing that is abundantly clear, however, is that there is an intended crowdsourcing element, with references both in daily image reveals and in the site’s instructions to many eyes being able to perceive what a single pair cannot.


Bungie has a history of cooperative and team play. Could Destiny aim to expand on this, along the lines of experimental shooters like MAG? Perhaps we’re looking at an MMO. As the game continues, and more people get involved, we will hopefully get a clearer picture of just what Bungie is telling us.

Source: Alpha Lupi

by Shelby Reiches
02/13/2013 05:40PM


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