Watch Dogs Promotional Materials Leaked


Marketing materials advertising Ubisoft’s upcoming hacker-centric action game, Watch Dogs, have been leaked, indicating that the game will target a Holiday 2013 release window. The images, which appear consistent with other GameStop marketing materials, include a brief text description of the game, prototypical box art, and the constant reminder that one can “pre-order now for exclusive content.”  It also asserts that Watch Dogs will be available on “all” home consoles. The Wii U is presumably included in that set, but what about Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen hardware? Information about them has certainly been picking up steam; could Watch Dogs be a bridge between the current and next generation?

Ubisoft has not denied the legitimacy of these materials, instead indicating that they are pleased with fan and media response to the game.


Watch Dogs made a strong impression at E3 not only because of its seamless blend of social and technical (if heavily abstracted) hacking, but due to a snippet at the very end of the demonstration that unveiled an asymmetrical co-op mode, in which other players act as agents who aid the main character through the single-player storyline. It speaks to incredible breadth and, potentially, an awesome dynamic.

Source: Kotaku

by Shelby Reiches
02/15/2013 04:00PM


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