Diablo 3 Coming To PlayStation Platforms
Diablo III


At Sony’s PlayStation 4 event, Blizzard took the stage, much to the surprise of dedicated PC gamers everywhere. They announced that Diablo 3, the latest entry in the Diablo series, would be heading to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The console version will include a full screen, four player co-operative mode designed for local play. No split-screen will be required, and we were assured that the gameplay experience will be seamless.

Blizzard has supposedly entered into a “strategic partnership” with Sony in an attempt to “take over the world.” Perhaps this means that we will see more Blizzard games on Sony platforms? World of Warcraft for the Vita’s 4G connection would be nice. Or perhaps the next generation MMO we keep hearing about will actually be released on the PlayStation 4 platform. 


Only time will tell, and Blizzard says that they will have more details about console edition of Diablo 3, and their Sony Partnership, at PAX East this year. We will be attending and giving you a full update when the time comes.

Source: PS4 Event

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/20/2013 11:00PM


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