Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced For PS4
Killzone Shadowfall


One of the first games that was announced at Sony’s PS4 event was Killzone: Shadow Fall by Guerrilla Games. The trailer pits Killzone’s two iconic forces against one other in a futuristic cityscape. A massive wall separates both sides, and crossing the wall immediately provokes a war-like response.

An in-game demo was shown, which showcased the game’s main character with what appeared to be some sort of magnetic railgun. The character made use of cover after a sudden attack on what appears to be a futuristic town square. The gun was shown to have multiple capabilities, able to charge up a magnetic shot that can be fired with the aid of a sniper scope to completely disintegrate enemies from afar.


When then saw the protagonist jumping onto an enemy aircraft, grabbing a cable that was tethered to the side. Climbing up the cable (after shooting down the aircraft’s inhabitants) he rigged the aircraft with C4 and watched it explode over the enemy’s territory.

The most stunning part of Shadow Fall is it’s graphics, which are utterly amazing. It’s as if the whole game was done in full motion video. It’s almost impossible to describe without seeing it for yourself.

We will bring you more information on Killzone: Shadow Fall as we get closer to E3.

Source: PS4 Event

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/20/2013 11:10PM


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