PS4 Confirmed Not To Have Used Game Blocking DRM
PlayStation 4


Recently, a rumor was spreading about the PS4 after Sony patented a method of DRM involving RFID chips embedded into game disks. Luckily, this system will not be used on the PlayStation 4. Sony Worldwide Studios’ boss Shuhei Yoshida sat down with Eurogamer after the PS4 event last night and told them that customers expect a certain value when they purchase a game. They expect to be able to pass it on and do with it what they will, and that purchasing a game involves a certain moral contract with publishers and developers to let them do that. Then, he came straight out and said what we’ve all been hoping for: “used games can play on the PS4.”


In addition, Eurogamer confirmed that the new DRM Sony recently patented has absolutely nothing to do with the PS4. Perhaps it has something to do with other Sony Blu-Ray players?

Many of you remember that there were rumors about the next generation Xbox also using some sort of DRM method to cut off used game sales. If this is the case, and Sony decides not to, then Sony will have a huge leg up on its competition. We will have to wait and see what Microsoft has in store for us when the newest Xbox is revealed in the coming months.

Source: Eurogamer

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/21/2013 12:20PM


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