EA To Put Microtransactions In All Games


There was a bit of controversy surrounding EA’s decision to put a microtransaction system into Dead Space 3. Despite this, it looks like EA is gearing up to keep pursuing the microtransaction model for several of their future titles. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, EA’s Chief Financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, said “We're building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way, either to get to a higher level to buy a new character, to buy a truck, a gun, whatever it might be.” Yes, EA is looking to integrate micro-transactions into all of their games, citing them as the “next big piece” of the videogame business. 


“Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business,” Jorgensen continued. Though, if you believe the voice of the internet, players actually hate it. However, EA’s sales numbers probably tell a different story.

“Without a doubt, you're going to see more digital business and particularly more digital components of the gameplay allowed because the ease of it will be much better and the storage capability better,” Jorgensen concluded.

by Angelo D'Argenio
02/27/2013 10:00AM


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