Lord British Is Counting Down To Something
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Richard Garriott, the genius/maniac behind the Ultima Series and a man who prefers to be called Lord British (yes really), is counting down to… something. Garriott launched a new countdown website called lordbritishpresents.com. Currently, the countdown has a about four days left to go, which means we should be getting some big news on Friday. You can sign up to receive breaking news via e-mail from Lord British himself.


Garriott started a new studio, Portalarium, in 2009. The studio has supposedly been working on some sort of spiritual successor to the Ultima series. Long time PC gamers will remember Ultima as one of the longest running RPG series in existence. The franchise took you to space, had you fight evil computers, let you face off against demons, and eventually had you ascend to godhood! The series also eventually went online, with one of the most successful early proto-MMOs to hit the market.

Whatever Garriott has up its sleeve, it’s sure to make PC gamers drool. Personally, I can’t wait to continue my quest as the Avatar once again… even if the setting will be changed around a bit for legal reasons.

Source: LordBritishPresents.com

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/04/2013 01:20PM


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