First Tomb Raider DLC Planned And Announced
Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider doesn’t have any day one DLC, but it sure is coming close. The game will be getting its first DLC pack in just a few weeks. The DLC will come in the form of a multiplayer map pack titled Caves and Cliffs. It will include three brand new multiplayer maps including Cliff Shantytown (different from the game’s normal Shantytown), The burning Village, and Scavenger Caverns. The maps will be playable in all four of the game’s multiplayer modes.


At first the pack will launch as an Xbox Live exclusive, retailing for 400 Microsoft Points. While it is assumed that the map pack will eventually make its way to the PS3 and PC, no official release date for these versions has been announced. We will bring you more information on Tomb Raiders DLC schedule as it becomes available.

Source: Tomb Raider Tumblr

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/07/2013 12:45PM


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