Tomb Raider: Guardian Of Light Series Discontinued
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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was an awesome top down co-op puzzle game set in the Tomb Raider universe. Unfortunately, the universe has undergone a bit of a reboot with the release of the latest Tomb Raider title, which means that Lara Croft’s puzzle adventures are at an end.

“Guardian was a great opportunity to explore things that we may not have done in the pillar franchise titles,” said Tomb Raider creative director Noah Hughes in an interview with OXM. “But in that case it was co-op. There are no plans to do anything in that series but it was a great opportunity to do something a little bit outside of the core.”


Hughes was also asked about co-op integration in the current mainline title, but that too seems as if it is unlikely. “We looked at the integration of multiplayer in Tomb Raider. We're anxious to continue to play with ways that people could tomb raid together. With Guardian of Light, the tone and the story supported side-by-side play in the campaign; this time around, it's less appropriate and we tried to do more of a complementary experience, hoping it would have a lot of replay ability and people can just jump in and have fun. Those are just two of our explorations into multiplayer in the Tomb Raider universe, and we are anxious to see what else we can do in connected play.”

Source: OXM

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/07/2013 12:45PM


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