SimCity Servers Still Suffering, EA Still Looking To Remedy Situation


It’s now the third day of SimCity’s life, and also the third day of serious server issues. As much as I love the game, I flat out can’t play it right now.

Publisher Electronic Arts knows my struggle, so they’re working on sending out hotfixes to help improve performance. But that’s not going to be enough, so they’re adding in more servers over the next few days. In theory, this should be enough to help us out, but there’s a little caveat worth mentioning: the game launches in Europe on March 8th, meaning there’s going to be a lot more people trying to log onto the game.


To help with performance, EA also took down some “non-critical gameplay features” and stated that this will “in no way affect your core gameplay experience.”

I can’t personally confirm or deny that statement since I can’t log into my city.

EA is continuing “aggressive maintenance” to help fix the launch woes.

Many fans are taking to Twitter to beg for an offline mode, to which the official reply has been “thank you for the suggestion.”

If there’s not some serious damage control done in the very near future, a wonderful game might not even have a future.

Oh, and to make matters worse, Amazon has reportedly stopped selling the game’s digital version.

by Jake Valentine
03/07/2013 03:20PM


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