Keyboards Are Getting Slimy
Dragon Quest VII


There is no more iconic symbol of the Dragon Quest franchise than the slime. This enemy is often the most basic and the most sought after foe in each game. The traditional blue slimes serve as introductory enemies while their metallic brethren taunt the player with excessive gouts of experience.

When Dragon Quest VIII was released, so was a limited edition blue slime controller. It was awkward to hold, but had the ever-smiling visage with which series fans were so familiar. Now, with Dragon Quest X heading into the online space and demanding player interaction, the controller in question is actually a keyboard.

The metal slime keyboard is a fairly standard QWERTY keyboard, with chiclet style keys. In a neat touch, though, the arrow keys all have slime silhouettes indicating their directions, and many more such silhouettes are scattered about the keyboard. The numpad is all in roman numerals, with slimes in various configurations containing the mathematical symbols surrounding them. There are even smiling slime faces on the space bar and enter key.


Most unique, though, are the function and escape keys, all of which allow for slime figurines to be locked onto them, allowing one to gaze upon a row of up to thirteen slimes while typing. Most of them are metal slimes, but the keyboard also includes a liquid metal slime (perfect for the escape key), a couple of blue slimes, and both an orange and a green slime. Excess slimes can be stacked atop one another into a tower.

Though this isn’t especially likely to come to the US, it isn’t specific to the Japanese Wii, being Wii, Wii U, and PC compatible. It will be out March 30.

Source: Siliconera

by Shelby Reiches
03/07/2013 03:45PM


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