Dance Central DLC Ending This Month
Dance Central 3


Recently, Harmonix announced the end of their long-running, weekly DLC releases for Rock Band on April 2nd. Today, they’ve also announced the end of DLC releases for Dance Central 3, their other popular music game.

While interest in Rock Band has undoubtedly been waning, Dance Central 3 seemed to be going strong. After all, Usher came on stage at E3 to perform for our amusement. For the record, we weren’t amused. With Usher, that is. Dance Central is kind of fun.


With Harmonix working on several unannounced games, it seems that they need all hands on deck for development, which sadly means less time, money, and people for DLC releases.

Here’s to hoping Harmonix can have us singing and dancing along with something in next console generation. 

by Jake Valentine
03/08/2013 04:30PM


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