3DS eShop And iOS App Store Cross-Pollinating
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The two primary mobile gaming fields appear to be crossing over. Both the smartphone gaming scene, still a fledgling entity packed full of endless runners and awkward ports of classic games, and the dedicated gaming handhelds are seeing some of the best and most interesting pieces of software crossing the digital divide that separates them.


Most recently, SRRN Games has revealed that CIRCLE Entertainment will be bringing its hit iOS RPG, Ash, to the 3DS eShop. It will feature upgraded artwork, with 3DS exclusive features still pending. This follows on the heels of yesterday’s down-under launch of Suda 51’s Liberation Maiden, previously part of Guild 01 in Japan and an eShop release in the West, on the iOS. Though it has yet to make its way from the Australian and New Zealand app stores to North America, those two have lately been used as something of a “test platform” for US app store releases.

As the lines between dedicated mobile gaming devices and smartphones continue to blur, the question must be asked once again: does such dedicated gaming hardware have a place in your pocket in the future?

Sources: Gaming Gauge/Digitally Downloaded

by Shelby Reiches
03/08/2013 06:35PM


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