Nintendo Loses 3DS Lawsuit


Even though Nintendo is one of the biggest gaming companies around, all of its resources and lawyers couldn’t protect it from the law. Nintendo has recently lost its ongoing lawsuit with Tomita over their patent for displaying 3D images without glasses. Tomita filed the patent in 2003 and it was granted in 2008, before the 3DS was even a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye. As a result, Nintendo now has to fork over about $30.2 million in damages.


It’s not often that you see gigantic gaming companies lose lawsuits like this. Then again, patents are becoming stronger and stronger. Luckily, Nintendo is big enough to continue operating after a hefty financial loss like this. Let’s hope that it doesn’t cut into their budget for any of the first party games that we are all waiting for on the Wii U.

Source: Reuters

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/14/2013 12:00AM


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