Crytek Says Console Development Is Becoming Similar To PC Development
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Cevat Yeril, Crytek’s CEO, says that things are looking up for PC game developers. The next generation of consoles will have far more in common with PC than previous generations. As a result, developers with PC game experience will have the advantage.

“I think the next console generation is going to be more a mix of the top devs - they'll be much more PC-driven this time around. In fact, I believe - oh, I can't talk more about that. Let's say this: PC devs will be much more comfortable than last gen console devs.” Yeril said in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine.


It’s almost as if the landscape is flipping. In the past, console developers would make whatever game they like and if they decided to opt for a PC release, they would have to adapt their code to run on a PC platform. On the other hand, PC developers who make their games to run on a variety of operating systems and powerful graphics cards, generally have to cut features and pigeon hole themselves into inferior console operating specs.

However, according to Yeril, development for this upcoming generation will be far more like PC development than previous years, making for easy ports and far easier development for any studio that had has PC experience in the past.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/18/2013 01:10PM


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