Dead Or Alive 5 + Breaks Street Date
Dead or Alive 5 Plus


Imagine my surprise when, Friday evening, I received a text message from GameStop informing me that my Dead or Alive 5 + pre-order was available for pick-up. Thinking nothing of it, I let it sit until the next day, when I called them up to confirm that the game was, in fact, available. To my surprise, yes, the game was ready for pick-up.

According to the sales associate, the street date had been lifted and, unlike in Fire Emblem: Awakening’s case, this was not the result of limited supply and unexpected demand. For whatever reason, the game had been marked for sale before its Tuesday, March 19 street date.


One has to wonder what that reason might be. Perhaps it was hit with low pre-order numbers, which somehow contributed? Not even the earliest reviews have hit, yet, but perhaps we’re looking at another Ninja Giaden Sigma 2 Plus situation, where the hardware can’t really live up to the experience. Both games were developed by the same team, after all.

Source: GameStop

by Shelby Reiches
03/18/2013 04:40PM


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