Five From Pixar Found Steel Wool Games


A team of five artists from Pixar, notable for their work on movies like Toy Story and Brave, have put their heads together to found a new game development studio. Together, Sequoia Blankenship, Andrew Dayton, Jonathan Hoffman, Joshua Qualtieri, and Jason Topolski are Steel Wool Games, a name that evokes the “grimsical” (a term created in-house) art style of their games.

Their first title, Flyhunter, is slated for release this summer, under publisher Ripstone.


Ripstone most recently published Knytt Underground, but was also the marketing force behind Big Sky Infinity. Given that their publishing focus appears to be in the digital space, it seems likely that Flyhunter will also see a digital release. It might even be a mobile game, though that seems a bit less likely, given Ripstone’s catalog.

Source: Edge

by Shelby Reiches
03/19/2013 09:55PM


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