Deus Ex: Human Revolution Definitively On Wii U
Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Square Enix revealed today that its cyberpunk, first-person RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is slated for release on the Wii U. A prequel to the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution drew tremendous praise for its aesthetic, the world it crafted, and the freedom it offered its players in how they approached a given situation (forget, for a moment, that the boss battles existed).


That they’re referring to the Wii U release as the “definitive version” of the title is interesting news, then. That this nomenclature has greater significance than a few GamePad features is doubly so. While the GamePad will be used in hacking, map editing, sniping, returning grenades, and various other “immersion adding” ways, this version of Human Revolution will also include both Tong’s Rescue and the Missing Link, integrated seamlessly into the main game. Further, boss fights have been overhauled, though what that entails has yet to be seen.

Square Enix is also promising refined combat, better AI, and “striking visual improvements.” There is, as of yet, no specific date, with the game promised “soon.”

Source: TheSixthAxis

by Shelby Reiches
03/20/2013 10:10PM


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