Mark Of The Ninja Gets Special Edition DLC
Mark Of The Ninja


It’s appropriate that the first, and only planned, DLC for Mark of the Ninja should get its debut at PAX East, as the base game was something of a PAX darling prior to its release. The side-scrolling stealth game was wholly unique not only for its aesthetic, but for the way in which it made its stealth entirely transparent, with zero ambiguity. Never would you question a foe’s sudden awareness, or whether a given action would be loud enough to alert them.


The DLC, considered a “Special Edition” version of the game, includes a prequel level in which one plays as Dosan, the tattoo artist who provides the main character with his empowering ink, and a pair of extra items, one of which facilitates stealth while the other allows for a more direct approach. Additionally, a non-lethal takedown maneuver will be added to the game.

There’s also set to be a wealth of developer commentary, with input from everyone on the team. As of yet, the extra content has no release date or price, but expect more info to come out of PAX East.

Source: IGN


by Shelby Reiches
03/20/2013 10:10PM


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