No Dismemberment For Ghost Warrior 2
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2


When Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 hit shelves last week, it was without the dismemberment feature that had been shown off before the game’s release. This was not wholly unexpected, though, as City Interactive had stated back in June that the visceral content had been removed to help game pass German censorship. It was promised as launch day DLC in those territories that would approve it.

That DLC never materialized and, according to City, is no longer planned for release.


This may have been a strictly visual feature, but when compared to similar titles, like Sniper Elite V2, it seems a bit underwhelming to just have a small spray of blood after a dramatic camera chases your bullet from the gun to the enemy’s eye. Especially in an M-rated title.

So why was the dismemberment feature abandoned, and only after launch? It’s possible that there were technical issues, but that City didn’t want the loss of the feature to impact sales. Either way, in the wake of their promises regarding the feature, its sudden cancellation smacks of false advertising.

Source: Videogamer

by Shelby Reiches
03/21/2013 06:30PM


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