Rumor: Diablo 3 Heading To XBLA
Diablo III


It’s certainly not unusual for super-secret, industry related news to be leaked because a representative had a slip of the tongue. But it’s also not safe to assume that every gaff is some kind of Freudian slip. However, this little morsel certainly has enough authenticity to file under the “definitely possible” heading.

This morning, Cheat Code Central’s very own Jake Valentine was hanging out with Blizzard crew at PAX East when one of the reps was discussing launch platforms for Diablo 3’s upcoming console release. Now, we already know that Diablo 3 is heading to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but Microsoft consoles have never been discussed. However, today the rep mentioned that the Xbox would be among Diablo 3’s launch consoles. 


Like I said, this could have been just a slip of tongue, but it seems a little strange that the rep would have thought to mentioned the Xbox if the possibility hadn’t been discussed behind closed doors. Either way, the representative quickly backtracked and emphasized that Blizzard had no plans to release Dibalo 3 on Microsoft’s platform.


But it definitely wouldn’t be surprising at this point. 

by Josh Engen
03/22/2013 10:05AM


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