The Double Fine Kickstarter Project Finally Has A Name
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PAX East brought a bunch of news from many indie developers, but the king of indie funded game is probably Double Fine. Their PAX surprise included a name for their incredibly successful Kickstarter project.

And it’s about time. The funders were starting to get anxious.

The game is called Broken Age, and follows the story of two children in vastly different situations. One of the characters is a girl who lives in a remote, almost JRPG-style, village. She has been chosen to be sacrificed to a monster in order to ensure the safety of the town, but she decides to fight back. The second character is a boy who lives in a space station. He is constantly under the watch of an oppressive computer that acts as his mother, but he wants to escape in order to see what the universe has to offer and actually do some good. 


Unfortunately, the game does not yet have a concrete release date or price. However, anyone who paid at least $15 will receive beta access to the game and anyone who contributed $30 will receive a copy of the game once it is complete. So, that’s probably a pretty solid metric.

Source: PAX East

by Angelo D'Argenio
03/25/2013 01:10PM


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