BioWare Edmonton Working On New IP


There’s always something exciting about a renowned studio working on a new property. The potential for unseen things, the speculation over what setting and issues they’ll tackle and how. At PAX East, BioWare’s Casey Hudson revealed that the company’s Edmonton studio is “building something new” set in a “whole new fictional universe.”


Casey Hudson was the executive producer on Mass Effect, and shall remain so on the next title in the series, but is also working on this new IP with another BioWare visionary, Preston Watamaniuk, who served as lead designer on Mass Effect  and one of the core designers on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

No word, yet, on what this newest game might entail, but considering BioWare has already tackled both science fiction and fantasy in recent memory, with Mass Effect and Dragon Age respectively, I’d hope they’re heading in a completely new direction. Maybe something with a Wild West bent?

Source: IGN

by Shelby Reiches
03/25/2013 01:15PM


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