Phantasy Star Online 2 Launch Pushed Back
Phantasy Star Online 2


Though only ever slated for a nebulous “early 2013” release in North America, Sega has commented that its upcoming sci-fi MMO sequel, Phantasy Star Online 2, has been delayed for a Western release.

Despite numerous rereleases, pseudo-sequels, prequels, and spin-offs to the original Phantasy Star Online (Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star 0, and Phantasy Star Portable all come to mind), the official “sequel” to Phantasy Star Online didn’t launch in Japan until July of last year, on PC. It was subsequently ported to the PlayStation Vita this February.


Meanwhile, in North America, we continue to await any release of the action-RPG. The lack of a confirmed date, even for the delay, is a bit frustrating, as it takes a release window that provided little context and takes even that context away. All we know now is that it will not be coming in “early 2013,” which presumably means it will either hit in “late 2013,” 2014, or not at all. Let’s really hope it’s not the last one.

Source: Polygon

by Shelby Reiches
03/26/2013 11:35PM


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