RUMOR: LucasArts In Hot Water
Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures


With the cancellation of The Clone Wars and rumors of impending layoffs within the animation department, the question on everyone’s minds seems to be, “exactly where is Lucasfilm going?” More to the point, where is LucasArts planning to go? The official word is that everything is proceeding swimmingly, but word from former employees is that the company has been skating on thin ice for a while now, tied to when the Star Wars license made its way over to BioWare/EA.


The beacon of hope has been Star Wars 1313, but we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of that since last year’s E3. Even the PlayStation 4 announcement wasn’t enough to pull it out of the woodwork. Is it still progressing? Stuck in development limbo? The truth is mired in obfuscation. Could the Disney buyout have in some way affected its production? It’s too early to call this one, but there is certainly cause for concern.

Source: SWTOR Strategies

by Shelby Reiches
03/28/2013 04:50PM


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