Robert Bowling’s 2D Platformer Fails On Kickstarter
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Unfortunately, not every Kickstarter project can be a success. Robert Bowling recently tried to raise $400,000 via Kickstarter for a 3D platformer game entitled The Adventures of Dash. Unfortunately, he didn’t get anywhere near that goal. The project raised only a paltry $33,131 of it’s original goal, not even a tenth of what he was looking for. Only 496 people backed the project.

“We didn't make it to our goal but we gained nearly 500 friends along the way and that alone makes it all worth it!” said the project’s final Kickstarter update. “The Adventures of Dash has always been passion project for us and because of YOUR support through the last 30 days, we're even more passionate about it than we were when we started.”


According to Bowling, the project is being put “on the backburner” for now. It’s not certain that The Adventures of Dash will be canceled, but without a publisher or Kickstarter funding, Bowling is going to be hard pressed to get this project off the ground.

Source: Kickstarter

by Angelo D'Argenio
04/05/2013 03:35PM


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