Gamer Fakes Paralysis For Donations?
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As much as popular culture propagates the image of the gamer as an anti-social loner, and as often as we encounter the insensitive and bigoted detritus of the Internet while following our chosen pastime, gamers have also been known to be charitable. Over the past two years, Angel Hamilton, known to viewers as ZilianOP, has availed himself of such generosity. His story, that of a gamer suffering from paralysis below the waist, isolated from his girlfriend, was enough to raise, ostensibly, $20,000 in donations. $2,000 of that went to a new wheelchair for him, while some was used so he could move closer to said girlfriend.


Then, while streaming on his TwitchTV channel, playing World of Warcraft, ZilianOP stood up on camera. Damage control was almost immediate, and it’s possible, if not especially likely, that he has undergone physical therapy to a point where he can stand assisted (and that that is what happened here), but his girlfriend’s on-stream reaction makes that suspect, and the backlash has been immediate and vitriolic. His Twitch channel is down, as of now.

Source: AllUNeed2See

by Shelby Reiches
04/08/2013 02:55PM


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